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Becoming a Vendor:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor! We can't wait to help bring your products to the public!


Applications will be accepted throughout the entire market season (April-Sept.) 

Please read the application guide and vendor handbook before applying. 


Applications should be printed out and brought to Murphy's Hemp and Wellness Store @ 405 NE F St.. The store is open Monday-Friday, 10 AM-5 PM. Blank applications can also be picked up at this location. Photos should be emailed to with your business name in the subject line. You also have the option to scan in your completed application and email it to us along with all other required documents. 

If for whatever reason you can not make it in during business hours call us at 541-761-5944 and we can schedule a time.

Booth Fees:

10x10 Booth Space (Offload) - $18.00

10x20 Booth Space (Offload) - $36.00

Food Truck Space (Power/water included) $45.00

Power/Water - $5.00 

*Please note that along with your booth fees a $35.00 admission fee must be paid before your can vend at the market. 

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