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About Us

An Oregon Grown Family

Who we are

Southern Oregon has been our family's home for nearly 30 years. Many of us were born and raised here and we love this town more than a simple "About Us" Page could ever properly express. 

Southern Oregon has full claim to our hearts, we grew up swimming in her rivers, hiking her mountain trails, riding bikes and skateboards through her neighborhoods, and never making it through a single shopping trip without our mom stopping to chat with someone she knew! 

That's what we love about Oregon! We bump into friends, we befriend a total stranger,  we chat with the barista, we stop to pet the dog and sniff the roses. We know how to make time for the important things in life!


Our friends are here, our family is here, our business is here and because we have no plans of leaving ourselves we figured we may as well keep working to better the community that we've come to love so much! 


What we do

Eli, Luke, and Lisa Doyle are Co-owners of Seed Oil Company, an organic oil pressing company that started back in 2009, as well as the owners and operators of the popular CBD shop Murphy’s Hemp and Wellness (2 locations in Josephine County).

For both companies Eli runs the marketing and graphic design department, Luke heads up production and facility upkeep.

We've spent years learning the ins and outs of running a business and we've finally reached a point where those years of experience were itching for a new outlet (what can we say? We’re entrepreneurs!) So we looked across our MHW storefront property and realized that we were right along the main highway, seated in the heart of the farming community, with thousands of cars passing by every day filled with some of the most community-minded people in Southern Oregon…


We walked outside, paced out how many spaces we could fit and that was it! We had just discovered our next big adventure!

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